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Our Team

Meet our Branch Manager, Huli Huli!


Meet June, Assistant to the Regional Branch Manager!  June loves to go to work.  It is a short jog up the driveway for her.  She is ornery and loves to play with her friends. 

Meet Bri, the Play All Day Manager!

Bri is the leader of our pack! She is a hard-working, dog-loving, smart, kind, go-getter. She is always quick on her toes, making sure both the dogs and their owners are having a great experience. She has three dogs of her own and grew up working the ins and outs of her family's small business, a jewelry store. Our team is better for having her at the center of it! She knows the quirks of each individual dog and the dogs adore her. ❤️

Meet Maddie, our Assistant Manager!

Maddie is our early bird and usually the first friendly energetic face you see in the morning. She is friendly and detail-oriented and pays attention to every special need of our guests. She takes impeccable care of each dog as if it's her own and is known for taking the fosters under her wing. She has a giant heart and is such a valuable asset to our team. 

Meet Caty, our Assistant Manager!

Caty has a calming presence about her and is tuned into the energy of the dogs. She is a hard worker with a can-do attitude. She isn't afraid to roll her sleeves up and get dirty or fill in where needed. She is caring by nature. She often checks on the dogs late at night, making sure everyone is healthy, safe, and tucked in for bed comfortably. The dogs truly respect her and we are so grateful for her dependable consistency.


​Meet Cam!

Dogs swarming and kissing him is a daily sight. He is our Groomer but he is so much more than that. Cam helps out in daycare and a variety of roles that allow him to truly get to know the dogs. I'd be willing to bet most groomers don't know the name of every daycare dog at their facility but Cam sure does. He is perceptive and has the ability to recognize the behaviors and needs of all dogs. Grooming is a HARD job, most dogs don't love it especially in the beginning. Cam has such a gentle approach and quickly turns the experience around to where the dogs line up wanting one on one time with him. They literally follow him around and cry to get to go with him to grooming, it's amazing! He is one of the nicest people I know and has the biggest heart. He's the kind of guy that would give you the shirt off his back. He's the first to volunteer to help when needed and usually spends his breaks playing pretend bad guys with our boys in the driveway. We love Cam and are proud to say he is a Columbus Dispatch Top Picks Groomer! Book with him today, your dog will thank you!

Meet Emily!

Emily joined us with previous dog behavior and enrichment experience. She is always one step ahead of the game and the dogs flock to her. She has an upbeat personality and is fantastic at customer service. She comforts our shy dogs and watches out for the dogs that need a little extra attention. We are so happy to have her as part of our team.

Meet Molly!

One of our most experienced employees with a heart of gold. As stated above Molly can be seen taking one of the fosters home nightly. She is a softy with a tender heart and offers such a positive experience to each and every dog entering the facility. Whether it's sitting in a room hand-feeding a nervous dog its dinner, brushing out someone's knotted ears, or checking that everyone is comfortable late at night, we always can depend on her. She knows the dog's ins and outs and her experience makes everyone feel right at home. Even the days we have twelve similar-looking Golden Retrievers or six nearly identical Chocolate Labs, there is not a dog she doesn't recognize by sight. Not only that and its name she probably knows it has a favorite toy it sleeps with and that it likes its blanket on top of it before bed or that it only eats after it gets a treat first. All the details aren't missed on her. She helps us train new employees and frequently introduces the new dogs to the pack. She is a valued member of our team and the dogs adore her. In her spare time, she can be found riding her horse and attending Ohio State University.

Meet Sam!

Sam is FUN! He's a happy face both the other staff and dogs alike look forward to seeing. He's been with us since the beginning and has a deep bond with the dogs. The dogs pick up on body language and are drawn to his confident, calm, and light-hearted approach. It's hard to come by young people who are hardworking, want to work, and have a great attitude, these fit Sam. If we need someone to jump on the lawnmower or help to install a new play-yard we count on him. He is flexible, kind, and dependable. He makes Play All Day a better place by being a part of our team!


Meet Kelly!

Kelly with our two Samsons. She’s our early bird and opener. She adores Boston Terriers and is most likely to be found giving dogs hugs and affection. She has a huge heart. She is a hard worker, always there when we need her.

Meet Jessica!

Jessica has a heart for all dogs but especially small dogs like her cute Nico. She’s the perfect host! She

loves to feed the dogs and set their rooms up to make them extra comfortable and cozy. The dogs sure love her!


Meet Kota!

Kota is Golden Retriever crazy. He has five dogs of his own and is a pet lover through and through. His consistent positive and optimistic mood is contagious! He’s certainly a glass half full, kinda guy. He loves to take photos of dogs and has a can do attitude.

Meet Daniel!

Daniel has been with us since high school.  He works college breaks and came back this past season after his classes went remote.  He is a true dog lover.  His family adopted two Doodles this year and he enjoys bringing them to play.  Daniel brings a friendly face, caring demeanor, and witty sense of humor to our mix.  He is reliable and adores working with dogs.

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